Warren Kinghorn speaks at Healing & Wholeness: The Church & Mental Health

Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC is seeking to break the silence and stigma around mental illness with a Lenten series entitled Mental Health: A Journey Toward Wholeness For All. On Monday, March 6, 2018 Myers Park’s Senior Pastor, James Howell spoke with TMC’s co-director Warren Kinghorn about his work as a both a theologian and a psychiatrist.

“The way that I think as a clinician about all of medicine and especially of mental health is that my role is not to just meet a consumer demand. It’s not to satisfy quality metrics. It’s not even to treat symptoms, although that’s really important. My role is to come alongside those who are on a journey as someone who myself is on a journey and to walk together and always to ask what’s needed right now for the journey.

For me that’s what it means to be a Christian in Healthcare. To walk alongside those who are on a journey and to ask what’s needed right now for the journey and to provide some help, comfort, support, and encouragement along the way.” — Warren Kinghorn


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