“Touching Death: Christian Perspectives on Anatomy Lab”

Farr Curlin, MD, Co-Director of the TMC Initiative and Ross Wagner, PhD, Professor of New Testament held a conversation in partnership with the Triangle Christian and Medical Associations (TCMDA) on the medical formation that takes place in the anatomy lab.

Full Session

Farr Curlin, MD: “nurturing concern” as a key aspect of moral formation for clinicians

Farr Curlin, MD, on the “tension between the particular and universal” that runs through medicine

Ross Wagner, PhD, on loss, organ donation, and the “reshaping of grief” in hope of the resurrection


Inaugural Catena Lecture in Medicine, Faith, and Service: “Gratitude in action: One Doctor, One hospital, One million patients.”

Tom Catena, the only MD serving over 750,000 patients in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, spoke at Duke Divinity School in October 2019.

“God, Give me Eyes to See”: The Fellowship in Theology, Medicine, and Culture

A profile of TMC Fellowship Alumnus Dr. Benjamin Frush, whose experience as a Theology, Medicine, and Culture Fellow at Duke Divinity School gave him eyes to see Christ in his patients.

Recordings from Practice and Presence 2018

 Duke Divinity Professor Kate Bowler, author of the bestselling Everything Happens for a Reason, and Other Lies I’ve Loved, speaks with colleague and oncologist Dr. Raymond Barfield about her struggle to understand the personal and spiritual dimensions of the American belief that all tragedies are tests of character after she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer at age 35.

Full conversation between Kate Bowler and Ray Barfield

Clips from the above conversation:

Kate Bowler on how to “stare down the deep” with suffering patients.

Kate Bowler on how to share bad news with a patient.

Kate Bowler on learning to be limited.

Kate Bowler on the call and imperative of love.

Raymond Barfield, pediatric oncologist and Duke Divinity Professor, speaks with Jeff Polish, professional storyteller, about learning to be present to suffering in the pediatric oncology ward.

Full conversation between Jeff Polish and Ray Barfield.

Clips from the above conversation:

Ray Barfield, MD, critiques modern medicine’s concept of the body as machine.

Ray Barfield, MD, discusses physician burnout.

“Taking our meds faithfully” Interviews

The Theology, Medicine, and Culture initiative interviewed those participating in the 2017 “Out of Our Meds?” conference entitled  “Taking Our Meds Faithfully?  Christian Engagements with Psychiatric Medication.”

Conference Participants:

Brandon Appelhans | My Quiet Cave
Jeffrey Bishop, MD, PhD | Saint Louis University
Ryan Lawrence MD, MDiv | Columbia University
Susan Eastman, MDiv, PhD | Duke Divinity School
Warren Kinghorn, MD, ThD | Duke Divinity School
Therese Lysaught, PhD | Loyola University Chicago
John Swinton, PhD, RMN | University of Aberdeen