Valuing Life at the End of Life: Is it What We Think?

At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11th, Dr. Patrick Smith will be giving a lecture entitled “Valuing Life at the End of Life: Is it What We Think?” in Ruttan Hall located at the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. 

Healthcare decisions at the end of life can be fraught and morally complicated. It’s not always easy to know when to employ (and when to withhold or withdraw) potentially life-prolonging medical treatments, especially when they come with substantial costs (both physical and financial). Even those who recognize the problems with medicalized dying may disagree on the best course of action in particular cases, and about the most prudent and compassionate policies about end-of-life options (including “physician assisted suicide”/“medical aid in dying”).” At this lecture, Dr. Smith will discuss “theological and ethical dimensions of current debates and offers insight into discussing end-of-life care in the public sphere.”

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Consider also joining us earlier in the day for Professor Smith’s lunch lecture, “Care of Severely Impaired African-American Newborns: A Matter of Public Health and Social Ethics.”