As COVID-19 has swept across our nation and world, the TMC community has engaged in theological reflection and conversation to faithfully respond to this global challenge. Faculty, alumni, and students have contributed articles, video, and devotional messages in a range of publications that offer medical, theological, and pastoral perspectives.


Webinars and Podcasts

Should Christians take the COVID-19 vaccine? 

Christians & the Vaccine is a project of Redeeming Babel, whose mission is to provide “biblical thinking in a confusing world.” In this video series, Curtis Chang address the most common spiritual questions Christians have regarding the vaccine.

COVID-19 and Vaccination Controversies: Historical and Contemporary Considerations This virtual seminar features Jeff Baker, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and History and Director of the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine at Duke University.

Five Ways To Promote Mental Health During the Pandemic Professor Warren Kinghorn, MD talks with Rev. Matthew Heyd of Church of the Heavenly Rest in NYC as part of their Faith and Science series.

Families, Relationships and Trauma during COVID-19 Professor Warren Kinghorn, MD talks with TMC alumni Dr. Jennifer Lawson and Tara Corbett, MSW, MTS, about the effects of COVID-19 on families and children.

Health is Membership: 25 Years Later
A conversation with Duke University professor and psychiatrist Warren Kinghorn about wholeness and mental illness, loneliness, and seeing patients as “inhabitants of stories” rather than “bearers of symptoms.”

On the Frontlines: Caring as Christians during COVID-19
Drs. Matt Frederick and Martha Carlough discuss their pandemic experiences in March 2020 and share reflections on their faith.

Triage, Resource, (Re)Allocation and Christian Ethics
Professors Luke Bretheron and Patrick Smith discuss ethical considerations on resource allocation during the pandemic.

What Says the Great Physician? Moral Reflection, Medical Ethics, and Cultural Narratives Amid COVID-19.
This webinar features Professors Farr Curlin and Patrick Smith.

How do we find peace in this anxious moment? God, Mental Health, and COVID-19
This webinar hosted by The Veritas Forum, features psychiatrists Dr. Warren Kinghorn and Dr. Nii Addi, in conversation with Dr. Michelle Kirtley about mental health during the pandemic.

Christian Ethics During COVID-19 
Duke Divinity faculty Luke Bretherton, Brett McCarty, and Patrick Smith discuss ethics during a pandemic in this 15-minute video.




What Can We Do To Seek Healing in the Way of Jesus?
“In addition to reversal of disorder and decay, Jesus’ healing embodied rescue from hostile and oppressive powers and restoration to relationship and community,” writes Professor Warren Kinghorn.

Ethical Medicine Means Getting Political
TMC Fellow Brendan Johnson writes: “If we want to truly do right by our patients, we must publicly proclaim the ways in which…larger patterns of social brokenness manifest themselves in our clinics and hospitals.”


Unexpected Guides in a World Undone
Professor Brett McCarty reflects on how practices of tending and care prepare us for the emergence of new ways of being in the world after COVID-19.

Separated but Whole: Pursuing Health and Redefining Community Amidst COVID-19
Recent TMC graduate Jordan Millhollin reflects on Wendell Berry’s vision of health as wholeness as a guide to our response to the pandemic.

We Have an Inadequate Theology of Illness
TMC Alumnus Jason Ashe writes on Christian faith and illness amidst a pandemic.Moral (and Theological) Reasoning During a PandemicTMC alumnus Brewer Eberly takes us through a day in the life as a medical resident and armchair theologian during the pandemic.

Waiting for Renewal: Holy Saturday a
nd COVID-19
TMC Fellows Anna Berry and Jenna Frush ask what it would mean for us to rediscover Holy Saturday and, in doing so, to hold fast to the hope of renewal while faithfully acknowledging the suffering of the present.

COVID-19 Can Change Our Individuali
stic View of Health and Wellness
TMC alumnus Ben Frush on understanding health as a community.

Fearing Courageously in the Face of COVID-19
Professor Warren Kinghorn asks what it means for Christian physicians not to be afraid in the face of COVID.

Moral Guidance on Prioritizing Care During a Pandemic
A joint statement by Professor Farr Curlin and other leading ethicists.

What Next? Thinking Ethically About Mitigating COVID 19 – A Focus on the Margins, Professor Patrick Smith asks, “how might we address this pandemic while working hard to minimize the widening of existing disparities in our society?”

Christians, Let’s Flatten the Curve But Remain a ‘Religion for the Sick’ In an article for Christianity Today Duke TMC alumni reflect theologically on three unique Christian contributions to COVID-19 preparations.

Should Medical Students Continue Clinical Rotations During the COVID-19 Pandemic?“Are medical students learners, whose duty is to knowledge, or trainees, whose duty is to patients? I firmly believe that as a so-called ‘student physician,’ my ethics ought to err on the side of physician rather than student,” writes TMC alumnus Canon Brodar.

A coronavirus vaccine is in the making…But you may have to check your pockets first TMC Fellow Kirsten Simmons exhorts leaders to make a future vaccine affordable to all.


What Martin Luther Teaches Us About Coronavirus TMC Fellow Emmy Yang writes in Christianity Today about what Martin Luther teaches us about coronavirus. Is it faithful to flee an epidemic? The German reformer’s reflection on the plague can guide Christians in China and everywhere the virus has spread.