A World in which practices of health care display the love and wisdom of God.


Our Mission | Theological Formation for those committed to engaging health, illness, and disability in light of the good news of Jesus Christ.


I have experienced the TMC Fellowship as a precious and undeserved gift. Even as an undergraduate student, I longed to connect my interest in becoming a physician and my Christian faith. I was thrilled to come to Duke as a TMC Fellow between my second and third years of medical school. Before, I felt as if I was pursuing these questions alone. Now I have a community of friends pursuing them alongside me.

— Harrison Hines, TMC Fellow, Class of 2016. Stanford School of Medicine, Class of 2018


Drawing on a unique constellation of resources at Duke Divinity School, we invite participants to reimagine and to reengage contemporary practices of health and health care in light of Christian tradition and the practices of Christian Communities


No two TMC Fellows have precisely the same questions or reasons for which they have been led to this community, but all of us embark together as we explore questions related to healthcare and healing in contemporary culture. Overall, this is a community in which we try to think with the Church about the intersections of the cura corpus and cura animae and the Christian call to neighbor love in ecclesial and clinical settings.

— Maria Surat, TMC Fellow, Class of 2016


At Duke Divininity School, we believe Christians have an important role to play in naming and addressing the problems that plague contemporary health care, and that attending to those who are sick remains a sacred vocation.



My interaction with TMC Fellows has convinced me this is a program that has been waiting to happen. By participating in the program fellows acquire the skills to resist letting illness defeat our care of one another, even when a cure is not possible. TMC is a testimony to the continuing power of theological wisdom to shape our lives.
— Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus


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