TMC Fellow Jackson McNeece Authors a Series of Articles about Christian Biomedical Ethics

Writing for The Denison Forum, current TMC Fellow Jackson McNeece offers a Christian Consideration of biomedical ethics.


“My desire is to enter into conversations through a series of essays about some of the most pressing biomedical issues of the day. Like I said before, the Bible does not directly speak to any of the issues we will consider, but I believe we can apply biblical reasoning and theological principles to the topics of consideration and arrive at a conclusion in accordance with the mind of Christ.

This is not to say there will be homogeneity on every issue. In fact, I expect there to be disagreement with some of the points I argue for. It is entirely possible that two Christians can remain within the confines of orthodoxy and still come to two different conclusions concerning the same issue. Such a predicament is OK.

What is important about the theological task before us is to consider the issues well and act Christianly upon our conclusions. In doing so, we promote the well-being of ourselves and each other.”

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