TMC Alumna Ashlyn Stackhouse Featured by VCU School of Medicine

Congratulations to Ashlyn Stackhouse, TMC Fellowship alumna and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s genetic counseling master’s program, who will start her practice at North Carolina Children’s Hospital. VCU recently featured a story about her discovery of her vocation.

“Ashlyn Stackhouse has never been afraid of a challenge, whether it was leaving home as a teenager to attend a rigorous residential high school, braving a single-track trail on her mountain bike or pursuing a career in a complex, ever-changing medical field. But when she was less than a day old, the challenges she faced were much more fundamental. The doctors told her parents that if she made it out of the NICU, she may never be able to walk, talk or eat on her own.

Twenty-five years later, Stackhouse is now healthy and fully independent. As she prepares to graduate from the genetic counseling master’s program in the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics, she is eager to provide the same compassion and support for her patients that she experienced as a child.”

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