“The Way of Medicine”: A medical student reflects on her experience at the Arete Medical Ethics Seminar, led by Dr. Farr Curlin

In an article for Convivium, medical student Samantha Rossi reflects on her experience at the Arete Medical Ethics seminar at Duke University in June 2019. The seminar, led by Duke TMCI’s Dr. Farr Curlin, and Dr. Chris Tollefsen, a philosopher at the University of South Carolina, is a 5-day course inviting participants to examine central ethical questions in medicine. Rossi writes, “Curlin and Tollefsen exposed us to The Way of Medicine as an alternative to the Provider of Services Model and applied it to topics ranging from the beginning of life, reproductive health, the end of life and conscience in medical practice. In The Way of Medicine, all treatments a physician prescribes are oriented toward the basic human good of health and serve to restore the well-working of the human organism in accordance with the natural law as God has designed it. The physician is not merely a provider of services under this framework, but an instrument of healing and human flourishing.” Read the article.