Kara Slade

is a PhD candidate in Christian theology and ethics in the Graduate Program in Religion at Duke, with interests at the intersections of science, technology, and theological anthropology. A former specialist in the dynamics of nonlinear and complex systems, she earned the BSE, MS, and PhD in mechanical engineering and materials science at Duke’s Pratt

Brett McCarty

is a Th.D. candidate in theology and ethics at Duke Divinity School. His focus is in bioethics, and his current research project investigates moral formation in the hospital, attending to the ways in which medical practitioners are shaped within modern medicine. By analyzing the differing social imaginaries displayed in treatments of the body within paradigmatic

Sarah Jean Barton

is a Th.D. student at Duke Divinity School and a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Duke University Medical Center. Her research probes the intersection of theology and disability as well as the cultivation of clinical practices reflective of a Christian vocation in healthcare. Specifically, her doctoral work explores participation in Christian sacramental practices and this participation’s