Ellery Sarosi

is a TMC Fellow pursuing the Certificate in Theology and Health Care. She hails from Ann Arbor, MI, where she was born and raised and where she goes to the University of Michigan Medical School. Prior to medical school, she graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Biology and Neuroscience in 2017. While there, […]

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Mary Elise Nolen

is a first-year TMC fellow pursuing the Theology and Health Care Certificate from Birmingham, AL. Graduating from Furman University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Medicine, Health, and Culture, she plans to pursue a career in genetic counseling. She hopes to learn how to integrate her faith into her clinical practice to […]

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C. Phifer Nicholson, Jr.

is an MTS student and MD candidate at Duke School of Medicine. He has a BA in Religion and Middle Eastern Studies from Wofford College, with professional and research interests including health equity, theology and medicine, ethnography, global health, and social medicine. These interests have been formed through engagement with the church, medical education, and […]

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Jackson McNeese

is a Master of Divinity student from Oklahoma City, OK. In May of 2020, Jackson graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Medical Humanities. Throughout his studies at Baylor, he developed an intense curiosity for medical ethics, particularly within a health care setting. While studying at Duke Divinity, Jackson hopes to continue to cultivate […]

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Charles Lynch, Jr.

is a Theology, Medicine, and Culture Fellow completing the MTS Program at Duke. Charles was born and raised in Ohio where he graduated from Miami University with a BS in Kinesiology & Health. He is passionate about understanding health and healing holistically and how we can faithfully serve as the healing hands of God as […]

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Gray Kolde

graduated from Seattle Pacific University where he studied physiology and cultural anthropology. Pursuing a vocation as a health care provider, Gray came to Duke Divinity looking to better understand how Jesus’ followers working within medicine can contribute to healing of individual patients and the healthcare system as a whole. Growing up in the foothills of […]

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Grip Gilbert

is a TMC fellow enrolled in the Theology and Health Care Certificate Program. Coming from Texas, he graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Biology. Grip’s undergraduate exposure to medical humanities and mission trips to Peru taught him the importance of integrating theology, faith, and Christian virtues into his daily life, education, relationships, and […]

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Sarah Catherine Carter

is a TMC fellow and a student in the Theology and Health Care Certificate program. She recently graduated with a BA from Baylor University, having studied medical humanities, biology, and Spanish. Sarah Catherine wrote her undergraduate thesis on topics of physician-assisted suicide, disability, and Christian communal end-of-life care, and she is excited to continue to […]

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Annika Dirkse

is an MTS student with a BS in Chemistry from Wake Forest University. She is also a fourth-year medical student at UNC planning to pursue a career in Pediatrics. She was drawn to TMC for the opportunity to learn to more faithfully walk with her patients and their families in times of illness. She is […]

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Jonathan Avendaño

is a TMC Fellow and MTS student at Duke Divinity School. He graduated with a B.S. from Duke University, where he studied Biology and Classical Languages. Jonathan hopes to bring his diverse interests in biomedicine, theology, languages, and the ancient world together while at Duke Divinity in order to form a more robust foundation for […]

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