Our Vision and Mission

The Reimagining Health Collaborative (RHC) convenes churches and Christian communities in North Carolina and across the nation to engage more fully in God’s healing and restoring work through innovative and faithful practices of health and health care.

RHC launches a new cohort of churches each year and each cohort works on a common health-related focus area for 18 months.  For our cohorts launching in 2019 and 2020, the health focus area will be “Food, Health, and the Body.”

food, health and the body

What is God’s vision for the health of our individual bodies? For the health of the body of the church? How might we come to understand food – how it’s grown, prepared, consumed – differently?

These are the questions we will wrestle with in this year’s Reimagining Health Collaborative. How can we reimagine health by reimagining food?

We invite churches to spend time in thoughtful prayer, discussion and discernment so that they may see how God is calling them to live and eat together in this world and to build new models for engaging food faithfully.

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