Practice & Presence: Ignatian Practice of Deep Listening

In the fast-paced and full world of healthcare, it is often hard to find a time to pause quietly and listen. The Ignatian Practice of Deep Listening offers the opportunity to do just that. “St. Ignatius wanted Jesuits to be men of gratitude who understood that all the good they have comes from their abundantly generous Creator and Lord. The examen puts this belief into practice on a daily basis.”

At Practice & Presence, Martha Carlough, MD, MPH, a Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill and an Ignatian trained Spiritual director, will spend time helping us learn about and implement the practice of Deep Listening into our daily life. Deep Listening as a daily practice offers us the time and space to take a break, to listen and discover those unseen aspects of ourselves that impact how we relate with others and make decisions. Most importantly, it is a practice of listening for God’s presence in our lives, so that we may respond to that presence throughout our day.

Martha Carlough will be one of the featured guests at the upcoming Practice & Presence gathering.

Read more about the Ignatian Practice of Deep Listening here.

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Duke Divinity School,  May 19-21, 2017

Over the course of three days, we explore and re-imagine the connections of vocation and faith, and tune our hearts and minds to find God present in all aspects of our work. We will engage in contemplative reading of scripture, spiritual practices of reflection, and learn from Ignatian practices of discernment and decision-making as they apply to our callings. Please consider joining us for this opportunity to grow in friendship and fellowship with one another in the context of shared meals, conversation, prayer and worship.