Practice & Presence helps health care practitioners imagine and engage their vocations with clarity, faith, and joy

Are you a Christian in health care who longs to experience your healing work as a calling? Do you believe that the church should matter for modern health care? Do you long to connect your work with your Christian commitments?

Over two days and two evenings on the campus of Duke University, nurses, physicians, therapists, students, chaplains, and other health care practitioners will gather:

  • To tune our eyes and hearts to see how God is present in our work in health care
  • To engage scripture, theology, and Christian history—open to how our imaginations and our practices might be transformed
  • To grow in friendship with one another in the context of shared meals, conversation, prayer and worship
  • To rest, reflect, and respond to God’s love for us and for our world.

Friday, September 23rd – Saturday, September 24th, 2022

From Machines to Creatures:
Healing Our Vision of Health

Modern medicine is characterized by treating the body as machine. This approach has generated remarkable technological capacities to fix broken bodies, but in doing so, Wendell Berry argues, it has advanced a false vision of creaturely health and come often to obstruct the healing that humans need. What is a truer vision of creaturely health? What is the healing that humans need, and how can Christian health care practitioners cooperate in that healing? Over two nights and days, participants will consider these questions in light of Christian tradition and the practices of Christian communities, while joining in prayer, worship, and friendship with others called to participate in Christ’s healing ministry.

Early Registration: For those who register by Friday, September 2, 2022

Standard: $295
Trainee or Clergy: $200
Student: $100

Regular Registration: For those who register between September 3-18, 2022
Standard: $350
Trainee or Clergy: $225
Student: $125

Registration closes Sunday, September 18, 2022

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