Tenley Force

is a registered nurse, writer, and seminary graduate from Southern California. She obtained her BSN from Biola University, followed by an MA in Biblical Exposition from the Talbot School of Theology. As an RN, she has practiced in a variety of settings- from the hospital, to disaster response (both domestically and internationally), to adjuncting as a nursing clinical instructor. Her passion, however, comes through writing and in 2023 she published a self-help book titled New: Nursing and the Art of Being Human, which is meant to assist new nurses as they attempt to hold on to their holistic sense of self during their difficult first year of practice. Throughout this exploration, Tenley found that if nurses can learn these lessons in the face of death, then anyone can learn these lessons in the face of life. Now as a TMC fellow and MTS student, Tenley hopes to continue her exploration of what it means to be a holistically healthy human in the midst of new transitions and changes.