Laura Francis-Thorp

lives in Chapel Hill, NC, and completed her master’s degree at UNC-CH in clinical social work, concentrating in adult mental health. She currently works as a psychotherapist in private practice with adults, and specializes in anxiety, depression and trauma. She completed her certificate in spiritual direction through Spiritual Transformations, Inc., based at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, and also works as a spiritual director with people who are exploring their faith journey. She also earned a Certificate in Advanced Counseling, specializing in trauma care, through The Allender Center.

Laura is passionate about holistic health, incorporating the mind, body, and spirit into balanced wellness and hopes to collaborate with fellow colleagues in the CTHC to explore ways to inspire others to encounter God more deeply and to co-create with God through various artistic expressions.

She originally hails from Nashville, TN where she learned to love God, family and education. She and her husband, Clay, have three children who are on their way to adulthood and each expressing their individual selves wholeheartedly.