New article by TMC Visiting Scholar Joel Shuman

Joel Shuman’s article “Re-enchanting the Body: Overcoming the Melancholy of Anatomy,” has been published in the November 2018 issue of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. In the article, Shuman argues that instrumental reason and analytic enquiry, which now dominate medical practice, participate in a particular ideology that often fails to serve the health of patients because it is incapable of moral vision. Using the work of Iris Murdoch, James Elkins, and Wendell Berry, Shuman calls “for the recovery of a way of seeing the human body as both other and more than an object of scientific enquiry and social control.” Shuman, Professor of Theology at King’s College, is the 2018-19 Theology, Medicine, and Culture Scholar in Residence at Duke Divinity School.

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