“Medicine Engages Faith Anew”-TMC Featured in The Living Church Magazine

An August feature article in The Living Church Magazine details TMC’s history and ongoing work to reunite health care and faith:

“In 2017, Emmy Yang was a second-year medical student when she did a Google search for various iterations of “medicine and Christianity.” She had chosen medicine as a career because of her interest in natural science and desire to help the sick. But since her recent conversion to Christianity, she had begun to wonder whether something crucial was missing from her training — something the enduring wisdom of her faith might provide.This appeared in Yang’s Google search: an initiative at Duke Divinity School called Theology, Medicine, and Culture. TMC, as it’s otherwise called, offers one- or two-year fellowships to health care professionals like Yang who are interested in robust theological study about what it means to practice medicine as a Christian.Launched in 2015, TMC is one of several relatively new academic initiatives that aim to better integrate medicine, religion, and spirituality. These contemporary efforts are part of a decades-long movement to push against what many clinicians experience as a soul-deadening division between science and religion, technique and purpose, and the personal and professional, said Farr Curlin, a palliative care physician, bioethicist, and codirector of TMC….” Continue reading.

Access a PDF of the article here: August 8 2021 The Living Church