Hybrid CTHC Alumnus Kyle Stephens, MD planning to break ground on ABLE Farms in Tennessee in 2023.

“Kyle Stephens looked out over a wide expanse of farm land Sunday and saw something that wasn’t there.

Not yet, anyway.

You see, Stephens has big plans for that 30 acres of land — a whole community designed mostly for young adults with physical or intellectual disabilities that will help them work, live, have recreation and be happy and productive citizens.

On Sunday, Stephens, an orthopedic surgeon in Paris, and about 80 of his closest friends gathered at his farm land at 1100 Sulphur Wells Academy Road, east of Highway 79 north of Paris, for what they called a harvest party. It was the first look some of them had at what is going to be dubbed ABLE Farms.

ABLE stands for ability, belonging, love and equality. And that’s the goal of the project.

‘Right now, we’re all staring at an empty cornfield. But this is a dream that’s far bigger than any of us,’ Stephens said to the assembled group, which included many special needs people and their family members. ‘We’re trying to live out what it means to love your neighbor.'”

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