“Hospitals are some of the least hospitable places,” writes Dr. Benjamin Frush

In an article for Kevin MD, TMC Fellowship alumnus Dr. Benjamin Frush offers advice to medical interns about how to recover the Christian roots of the hospital as a place of hospitality for the weary and suffering. He writes:

“Dear new intern:

As you embark on a year that will prove at different times stimulating, frustrating, rewarding, and exhausting, you’ve likely already been inundated with suggestions on how to thrive, or at the very least, survive what lies ahead.

While I have no pithy advice or intern life-hacks to offer, I suggest one (perhaps strange) practice I hope you will consider and strive to exhibit as you weather the highs and lows of the tumultuous year before you: that of extending hospitality.

There is an irony that you may not have yet detected but are sure to soon witness firsthand: Hospitals are some of the least hospitable places around.

It wasn’t always this way.”

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