Hypothetical of Expenses and Scholarship Support for TMC Fellow enrolling in the Certificate in Theology and Health Care program.


Tuition and required fees*
Tuition $ 23,250.00
Student Health Fee $ 794.00
Transcript Fee $ 40.00
Student Life and Activity Dues $ 111.50
Recreational Facilities Fee $ 287.00
   Total Tuition and Fees $ 24,482.50
Scholarship support
Ministerial Scholarship   (20% tuition) $ 4,650.00
TMC Fellowship $ 10,000.00
      Total Scholarship Support $ 14,650.00
                           Tuition and Fees after Scholarship Support $  9,832.50


*This illustration is based on 2017-18 tuition rates and fees. Expenses are subject to change.

Additional information and estimates of other expenses are available through the Office of Financial Aid.

Additional financial support may be available through external sources including grants and loans. The Office of Financial Aid maintains a list of resources and is available to assist students seeking financial assistance to support their education.