Farr Curlin on the Origins of the Conference on Medicine and Religion

From March 13-15, 2022, thirty TMC faculty, staff, current students and alumni will be among those attending and lecturing at the Conference on Medicine and Religion (CMR) in Portland, Oregon. The theme of this year’s gathering is “Space for the Sacred in Care of the Sick.”

Farr Curlin, MD, spoke about his vision for CMR in an interview with Silma Suba, Media Manager and Staff Writer with Interfaith Youth Core:

“From the outset, we were clear, and have remained clear about this, that the conference is focused on the substance of faith. Meaning we don’t want to just talk about spirituality, but the substance of faiths like Judaism – its traditions, ethics of practice, its innovations historically, how does it inform healthcare? How do Christianity and Islam inform the ethics and practices of medicine? The conference is about creating a space where people interested in this intersection of religion and medicine can come and present their ideas to each other, and participate in dialogue, and think critically about how religious traditions inform the work.”

To read the rest of this interview and learn more about the history and purpose of CMR, click here.