Christians, Let’s Flatten the Curve But Remain a ‘Religion for the Sick’

Three Theology, Medicine, and Culture fellows, Brewer Eberly, Ben Frush, and Emmy Yang, share how they are pressing deeper into their Christian commitments of repentance, hospitality, and lament in their response to COVID-19. Eberly, Frush, and Yang reflect on a need for Christians to repent of the idolatry of health, seek creative ways of hospitality among social distancing, and lament among the anxiety surrounding this pandemic. In this time of immense suffering, they provide us with a comprehensive illustration of what it may look like to turn to Jesus in the midst of COVID-19.

“Indeed, it is interesting that the coronavirus gets its name from a spiked ring of proteins on its surface that resembles a crown, hence the title of “corona.” In many ways, the coronavirus is revealing the crowned heads we already worship—health, self-protection, medicine. Our global, sustained attention to COVID-19 demonstrates that which we look to out of anxiety, control, and fear.

Of course, we know that Jesus wore a different crown—one that calls us to worship not out of anxiety or control but out of a love that drives out all fear. That crown doesn’t make this coronavirus moment any less serious; however, it does tell us where to cast our anxieties, who to comfort, and which thorned crown to remember.”

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