“Can the Fischer Clinic Save Primary Care?” TMC Fellow Dr. Brewer Eberly Reflects on a New (and Old) Way to Practice Medicine

In an article at Student Doctor Network, TMC Fellow Dr. Brewer Eberly reflects on his experience with direct primary care at the Fischer Clinic in Raleigh, NC–a model of care more akin to that of his father and grandfather (both primary care physicians) than to the newer one he was trained in.. “The new way of medicine,” Dr. Eberly observes, “requires and rewards not necessarily being with patients, but processing patients much like we process cadavers, efficiently transecting them from whole persons into disparate pieces of disease data.” But, Eberly continues, in the “sunlit rooms of the Fischer Clinic, I saw the quiet light of hope—that medicine really can be practiced in a way that protects the patient-physician relationship while providing excellent care.” Read the entire article here.