Busyness, business and vocation

Do you respond to inquiries about how you’re doing with the term Busy? Busyness, according to TMC co-director Warren Kinghorn, is often taken as a sign that we are productive and valuable members of society. “In a world where important people are busy, being busy is a sign that I am important.”

While busyness and skills like multitasking are held up as virtues in the modern business world, this busyness differs from our being about our Father’s business.

“If my activity seeks to prove my worth to myself and to others, or to ward off a deeper spiritual hollowness, then it is busyness, a front for idolatry. But if my activity is marked by the sustaining life of the Spirit, if it seeks to honor God and the dignity of God’s creatures, then it is the business of the kingdom of God.”

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